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Screen goes black when screen sharing video


Starting in early May 2022 I am no longer able to screen share any video content.  over Zoom. I believe this is due to steps the streaming platforms, e.g., Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Kanopy have taken to deter folks from sharing movies, though, oddly, I can find nothing about it on Google. As part of this effort, I read on a Reddit post that Zoom will now deliver screen shared video content only in lo-res. This will prevent me from showing my Art Ed Keynote presentations. So if anyone has more info on this, please get back to me.



I have the same problem. Seems odd that all the streaming platforms would have this issue at the same time.

I'm incredulous...and yet, it seems that they all coordinated to install these new deterrents on the same day.  I understand that they don't want users to be able to screen share video content that they've had to pay for, and prefer that it doesn't go to viewers for free. But they have taken a very heavy-handed approach. I take 5-minute screen recordings, and screen shots, for educational presentations I give. All my work falls under the 'Free use' category for copyright laws. But now I can no longer offer my presentations. I think exceptions should be made for this and similar uses. Showing 5-minutes of a film, or a screen shot of a movie still shouldn't raise these shackles.

Do you know that this is the case or are you just assuming it is? It would make a difference in trying to find a solution. Personally, I didn't have this problem until I updated to MacOS Ventura.

Not just streaming services. I have a DVD player and a DVD intended for small group use. My small group is online and we cannot watch the DVD. 


Since May I can't screen share any video content from any streaming platforms. Though I haven't read any information about why this has happened, it is certainly the case. I am thankfully able to screen share the video content of my Keynote presentations. Sadly, they are shown in lo-res. But that is probably just Zoom not having enough band width.