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Screen Sharing Logs Me Off My Mac


On my iMac with the latest Ventura version, when using the Zoom app, when I start the screen sharing and choose the Chrome page I want to share, a small box pops with the green outline and then my user account is promptly logged off as if I clicked the log off button. I have to log back into the computer then.  


I've uninstalled the Zoom app and reinstalled it - and about every other thing I've researched - to no avail.  Anyone have an idea which direction to look in?



Happening to me as well. I've tried everything I researched as well!

imac, OS Ventura, zoom updated to latest version


I got it to work!  And I fixed the major lag that was happening after I fixed it. (I still need to try it with an actual participant but it's working for me when I'm in the app and it wasn't before.)


For sharing:

- Uninstall, reinstall, reboot (I'm sure you did that)

- On Mac... Settings>Privacy & Security>Full Disk Access; allow us.zoom


For the lag:

Here's something to try that worked for me:

  1. Go into zoom settings

  2. Under “Screen Share” -> Advanced -> Screen Capture Mode

  3. Set Screen Capture Mode to “Previous Operating Systems”