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Recurring Zoom Meeting Link is Invalid


Several times now, a recurring meeting after several successful meetings becomes invalid. The recurring meeting is not listed to be reinstated. Why?

Information on the web states that a link becomes invalid because it had been deleted. The host tells me that she did not delete the recurring meeting.

Any ideas why?

Do alternative hosts have the ability to delete a recurring meeting?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I don't believe that Alternate Hosts can delete a recurring meeting if they were not the user that originally created it. If they have been given Scheduling Privileges, I believe at that point they could delete the meeting.


In this case, I would probably "Trust by Verify" the information. You'd want to verify that the meeting still exists under her account, as well as the recurring schedule is valid.



Jeff Widgren


Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen


I have had countless recurring meetings where meeting link becomes invalid after several successful meetings using the same link.  I am the meeting organizer -- this is extremely frustrating not to mention unprofessional to frantically reissue the meeting invite while people are trying to join the call.  

This is exactly my problem, Marion. I am wondering if you have received any information that helps solve this problem. Thank you.

I suppose no answer was found for this issue. Frustrating.

I had a user that is experiencing this same issue. After a couple of meetings, the link becomes invalid, and a new link has to be sent out. Do the links have an expiration date we need to be aware about? Zoom please look into this


We are still seeing this issue in our organization. We regularly have large meetings (20+ people) where everyone who tries to log in gets the invalid meeting error.

Is there any sense that this might be connected to scheduling the meetings through the Outlook plugin? That was floated as a possibility by some of our staff who have the problem.


We have a user experiencing this issue with a Zoom account. She's running into recurring meetings where meeting and participant links just suddenly no longer work. 


Doesn't look like we have any answers or workarounds for this which is disappointing. 


Hi- we are also experiencing this; was there ever any resolutions ?

I don't think so - at least, I've never gotten any response on this issue. 🙃


I had this issue this morning. I'm the meeting owner, the meeting was not canceled. No resolution yet? 

We opened a support ticket 8 months ago to ask that they investigate an instance of this that had happened to our users. The final response was that it happened because of a "backend change made that upgraded the token" and that it shouldn't be a commonly occurring behavior. I don't find that particularly reassuring but the point is that it shouldn't happen often.


I still hope someone at Zoom is aware of this and figuring out how to stop it from happening. It is extremely frustrating for our users, especially those who host recurring public meetings/webinars.

I had this issue again this morning. Invalid Mtg ID. Not sure why this is happening.


Our users found that the only way to avoid this is to cancel the meeting and recreate it completely. Wish there was a better workaround. If Zoom can't fix this, it would be nice if they would give users a way to create new meetings based on previous ones (i.e., pull over all the same settings, schedule and recipients.) Having to recreate existing meetings from scratch is a terrible workaround and burdensome.

I agree with Cynthia, and wanted to add that in addition to being burdensome, it makes the person who has to keep recreating meetings look like they don't know what they're doing. Feels very unprofessional to schedule a regular meeting with people and then have to recreate the meeting several times per year, inviting them all again to a meeting they've already accepted (or declined).

Agree completely. We had those same discussions last year. It's just a bad look all around.