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Re: Hide Presenter video / Profile Image during screen share


Can you clarify again how to ensure that the panelists are only visible in the webinar recording when they are spotlighted, not the whole time?  I keep trying to figure this out. I'd like the host to be invisible (so camera off) and the non-speaking panelists to be visible to the spotlighted panelist (so they have someone to look at while presenting) but not have them show up in the recording, just the slides with the spotlighted panelist.  


Does this make sense?  I thought the answer was to have the host in Speaker Mode throughout, but now, I think that is not right.  


Thanks in advance


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @MiriamHoebel.


Sorry for the delayed response.  As I started responding yesterday, I realized I wasn't entirely sure of the answer, and couldn't find any definitive answers in the Zoom Support docs.


For anyone visiting this thread, Miriam originally posted this on another thread.  There, the question centered around what attendees see during a webinar, where Miriam's question is more recording-related.  What the attendees see is not necessarily what the recording has in it... so this seemed to need its own thread to avoid confusion about "which one is he talking about?"


Everyone interested in how to control what panelists and attendees see should probably review that other thread in detail.  It's tricky at first, but once you understand, it's at least consistent within those rules.


Here's a Zoom Support article that discusses the Cloud recording settings, and might be more updated than this thread at a later date:


So now having tested it (partially/mostly - my test even had some issues, but I'm pretty sure I have the scenario correct now!), I'm reasonably sure this is the definitive answer.


The file named "shared_screen_with_speaker_view" will always have a single camera video displayed which is the person who is actively speaking.  I believe the selection will be limited to spotlighted cameras, if there are any spotlit, but if there is no spotlighting, then anyone with a camera on could be shown.


The file named "shared screen with gallery view" will have only participants whose cameras are on -- not any screens with names or profile pictures.  I believe these camera videos will be limited to people who are spotlighted, if anyone is spotlighted, but will be "all cameras up to some max" (I think it's 7, but I didn't have that many screens and logins to test!).


I really do want to document this definitively, and also document exactly what is shown when livestreaming (many people ask about that as well).  If I can narrow down my testing a bit more, I'll come back here and update with any new findings I see.


I hope that answers your question.  Please reach out with any follow-ups!

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