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Problem setting Background image


Good evening,

i have a problem setting any images as background during a meeting. The image that you can see is a mix between the backgroung and the real image from webcam. All colour are mixed and my background remain visible and coloured.


Has anyone had the same problem? have you solved?


Thank you




Zoom Moderator

Hi @Franz1! In your Settings, do you have I have a green screen checked? Try toggling that off to see if that helps.



Yes i have it checked. The problem is if i toggle out the check i can't choose any image, all became greyed out.


Having a busy background like a bookshelf, a wall with lots of photos, or a window will make it harder for Zoom to differentiate between you and your background when trying to use a virtual background.  Try having an empty wall behind you, if you don't have an empty wall you can try hanging a white sheet behind you and see if that helps.

Thanks for the reply. In the same room if I use Zoom with the same cam, same background but with my laptop the problem does not arise. Seems like a problem with my desktop to me.