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Problem opening zoom application on Mac desktop


I have been using Zoom for some time and use it for regularly for meetings. Until today, I had no trouble opening the app from my applications folder. When it wouldn't open, I downloaded the software again but a message popped up to say that I can't open the app because PowerPC applications are no longer supported... I am running an iMac with OS 10.11.6. Does anyone have a solution?




Hello - I have Windows & I have been trying to access Zoom on my laptop & I cannot. Not only me, but other people I know, they cannot attend a Zoom meeting via laptop. However, I can access it with mobile devices, which I don't want to necessarily do.


I am having same problem on my iMac.  Didn't have problems in the past.  I can still use it on my laptop, but since I am teaching, the desktop is much nicer for me to use.



If your Mac can still boot to the older OS X system, then that's one choice: Keep your games or other apps with the older OS X system, maybe on an external drive. Boot to that older system when you want to play (or work 😄 ) with the older apps.
It's also possible to run an older OS X system in a virtual machine (using Parallels or VMWare, etc). I don't know how to set that up, but there's others on this site that can give some info about do ing that.

Thanks for the suggestion re: using an external drive for an older system. I don't know what happened but after re-loading the zoom software it started to work properly again, just in time for a meeting!

I'm not a very tech-oriented, so very relieved that it's up and running again.

Booting to an old OS or a separate VM is definitely NOT a solution. Fix it guys!


Having the same problem on my macbook 12.5.1
Any one discovered the solution yet?
I tried the chat for help, by email... does any one can resolve this?
This is affecting my work...