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PMI(personal meeting ID) + recordings


Hello All,
I would like to ask your experiences.

- ZOOM meeting (LTI PRO)+ Blackboard (LMS)

Reported Issue
- the Cloud Recording was not shown/listed properly.


I am a manager(sub-administrator) of my institution.
A instructor reported that his cloud recording was not listed all on his course + lti zoom page.


First, I had searched his recoding history via to check whether he had cloud recording or not.
and Yes, he had cloud recording for all his meeting session.
And I had figured out, he was using his 'PMI' for all meeting rooms even he was operating two seperate course.
(there were about 10 cloud recording history for 2 different course.)


But, here is a point.
When user create a new meeting, they should access Blackboard(LMS) - LTI ZOOM then, ZOOM allows to create a new meeting. and YES, He did so. only turned on 'using PMI for his scheduled meeting room.'
Also, Yes, he and I can easily to find the past meeting report from his LTI ZOOM page of Blackboard(LMS).


But when we access to Cloud recording page via Blackboard - LTI ZOOM, we can only find one or two cloud recordings.

Anyone who can help us?





Hi @sanghee ,

What you are describing seems to be a tricky situation to be handled here alone, with suggestions from us in the Community. The proper way to try and understand what happened and where the issue might be, is by checking several things, including the details on the recordings you can find VS the meetings you see in the history.
At first it does seem to be related to having meetings created via the Blackboard integration (that will probably get their own Meeting ID at the time of creating) and then the host (your user) switching to his/her PMI. But I might have misunderstood the whole scenario and use-case.

All of this to recommend that you contact Zoom's Tech Support so they can see more details on their side and provide assistance on this.