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Muted from recording


We have a weekly Zoom meeting for my group and each meeting is recorded and saved for anyone who can't attend. In last week's meeting, the sound was muted during certain parts of the meeting, but only from the recording. Since I attended the meeting, and spoke in at least one part of the muted part of the meeting, I know meeting participants heard me. But when I reviewed the recording, there was no sound. It was almost as if someone hit mute, but instead of just muting their microphone, they muted the sound from the recording. This happened in three sections of the meeting (at least).  One in which another person was talking, but I was sharing a video through screenshare (with "Optimize for Video" and "Record computer sound" both checked), and the other two where no one was sharing, but different people were talking. 


The way the video continues with audio, it sounds like someone unmuted to speak, and the sound just magically comes on again. 


I am one of three admins on the account and am the main host of the meeting, with two co-hosts. Is it possible for an admin or a host/co-host to mute for a recording? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I am unaware of any known feature or unusual situation that would cause this. I tested a couple of theories but was not able to reproduce this behavior. I was thinking, since the host is the source for the recording, that maybe passing host to someone in the meeting that wasn't connected to audio might cause it, but it didn't cause a loss of audio.

Have you played this recording back on more than one computer and had the same muted results?

Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen


Yes. A co-worker who is on a Windows machine first alerted me to it. I watched it and saw the exact thing he was talking about (he gave me time references of when it lost sound). 


We had another weekly call, using the same Zoom meeting and it didn't happen in that instance. Maybe it was just a fluke?