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Multiple Users reporting "Can't Connect to Network"


I have received  multiple reports of employees not being able to connect to network from their computer or logged into another computer through RDP.  But when I log from my computer as them I have no issues.  Zoom told us to check our firewall and everything is clear there.  Any others running into this issue and found a solution?



I have also been receiving the "Network Connection Failure" message about 1-2 minutes after I start my meeting.  I get this message on my home WiFi network as well as on a friend's network.  Other apps (Netflix) work fine on this computer and both networks I tried.  Apparently my $16.16 per month is not enough to get any help according to their phone line.


Below is one of the solution you may check:

Press Windows Key + A to invoke the action center.
Select Settings from the list.
Then click on Network and Internet.
Now click on advanced options.
Here, under the properties section and against Security type you will see the one that your network is using.

If the current one is WEP, ask your network provider to change it to WPA-personal and use the TKIP algorithm for encryption purposes; that should enable you to connect to the network. Advanced users can also try this method themselves by connecting the PC via a LAN cable and then going to the wireless security tab on your router to change the WEP or WPA-PSK to WPA2-PSK with TKIP/AES encryption. The easiest way to access the router settings is by locating your Default Gateway IP and then typing that IP into the browser’s address bar. You can get the IP from the command prompt, by clicking Start -> typing cmd and in the command prompt type ipconfig /all.


This may help