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Mix Pin and Spotlight?


First, sorry for my poor english language, I'm french, writing in english is still difficult ... 
I'd like to know if it's possible to mix pin and spotlight because I have a branding setup in OBS which seems to need it.
1/ I have an OBS vitual camera and I'd like to spotlight it, so I will be the unique host and my OBS vitual camera will be my  spotlighted video in the speaker view for all. It will be the view I send.
2/ I want to set the size and position of several participants video (6 max), so I must use the Gallery view to place the views as I want and then I lock them with the pin functionnality (the view I see)
3/ My aim is : my OBS vitual camera is my  spotlighted video in the speaker view for all /// several participants selected videos (position and size) are locked by pinning because I want to recrop them in OBS and input them in a branding with the OBS virtual camera
4/ Do you think it's possible ? The pinning does not desactivate spotlight? Or the opposite too? Is it the good way ?
Thanks by advance for your answers !