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Microphone is not detected


In the past two weeks I have received a message stating my microphone cannot be detected. I have been using Zoom for 3 years without an issue until two weeks ago. When the message is displayed I cannot be heard and my Zoom controls freeze. I have tried reinstalling Zoom but that has not fixed the problem. Very FRUSTRATING!



Same. This has been a bug since the update and thinking of just leaving for microsoft teams. For this to not be fixed by now is quite surprising.

This continues to be a BIG PROBLEM for me. I downloaded the cleanup program and performed an uninstall/reinstall and it STILL is occurring. I'm spending good money for a program that is consistently underperforming. I would stop using it if I could. Perhaps I should withhold payment. Maybe that would get their attention.

Same issue here.  What is the cleanup program?  However, it doesn't seem to remedy this big problem.


Same here.  2-3 weeks ago suddenly my "microphone not detected" 

What solution does zoom offer?  -- I don't see anything from zoom


Good morning,

Zoom has offered nothing and I have tried everything I could think of. It's been happening since November. They do, however, continue to withdraw payment every month. Sorry I couldn't help you.  

It is EXTREMELY frustrating. I was on a Zoom chat Friday evening and lost my microphone.