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Meeting audio


I can hear and see clients.

they can see me but cannot hear.

My microphone is NOT muted.


please help in correcting this annoying situation.


Happy New Year and thanks a lot.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Mahawilav,


I answered a similar question earlier this week. Most often this is caused by not have the correct microphone selected in your Zoom client.


click on the little up arrow next to the Mute/UnMute button in the lower left.  This will show a list of all the mics that Zoom detects on your computer.  Click the one you want to use to select it.    You can also choose Audio options to go into settings and see all mics and well as do an audio test.  Finally, in some instances if using a headset, the headset may have its own mute button on the hardware, so always good to check for that as well.


if you can hear people but they cannot hear you, most often this is due to the wrong mic selected.  You may find that the built-in mic (or mic/headphone jack) is currently selected instead of your usb mic.  Select the proper mic and you should be all set.


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