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Livestreaming into a Facebook group


I host a 5-day challenge. We did our first one in February, which was my first time setting up Zoom to livestream into a group. I followed the instructions here and had no problems.


Now we're doing the 5-day challenge again, and we have a new group for this cohort. However, the group doesn't appear in the list of available groups to livestream too, even though I've added the ZOOM Video Livestream - Prod app to the group. 


I am the admin of the group and I'm streaming from my own Zoom account. I've tried removing the app from the group and reinstalling it then starting a new Zoom meeting. But it still won't show me the new group, just the original one.


In the Zoom Settings, Meetings, Meetings (Advanced), I have already allowed livestreaming to Facebook. That was already there in February. And I just tested the connection. I can still livestream into the old group. I just can't get the new group to show up as an option to livestream into it, even though it's settings match the old group's. 


Any other suggestions on how to fix this?



Me, too!