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Jabra Evolve2 buds button not syncing with mute/unmute on zoom


This is driving me nuts, I got these ear buds UC with a USB to use for my zoom meetings. At first the mute/unmute buttons worked fine. However it's always after I charge my buds that the sync with buttons stopped working. This is the second time that's happened, I just kept restarting my laptop the first time and got lucky it started to work again but I can't keep doing this. Here are my settings and the solution I came across in another post that had a similar issue.

  • Zoom audio sync with headset buttons setting is checked off
  • Device: Jabra Evolve 2 buds UC with USB
  • Firmware on buds (1.2.0) , USB (1.16.0) and Jabra Direct (6.12.30302) are up to date. 
  • I've tried restarting, launching Jabra direct first then zoom with no luck