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Invitations not received by contacts


Invitations are not being received by contacts after being sent from zoom


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Gym46 


Please check this guidance:


You can ultimately contact Support and ask them to check the bounce list.




"Not able to receive emails" is a different problem from one's Zoom invitations not being received.  In my case, everything was fine when I last saw my clients in Nov. 2021.  When I returned from vacation in Jan. 2022, the same clients who always received my Zoom inviations in the past, no longer receive the ones that I send them now.  What is going on and how can I get it fixed?


I have the same problem and unable to fix it.  About 50% of the time, when I schedule zoom calls, the invite is not getting to the person.  I then have to go in and resend it which is a double step.  I have tested it with my email addresses and two of the three receive the invite. This never used to happen.  what could it be?


Whatever happened with this? The same thing is happening to me and I can’t figure out why.


I'm having the same issue. Whether I schedule a meeting from the desktop app or web, meeting invites are not being received by the invitees. Nor are they showing up on their calendar.

Has anyone given you an answer to this?   None of my invites are actually being delivered which is a major issue so I'm hoping someone found an actual solution.


No one has responded. Through my own troubleshooting, the only thing that sort of works for a recipient to receive/see an invitation is when I choose Google calendar at the bottom of the invite before sending. It will then open a calendar page for me (as the scheduler) and I need to click Save. The recipient will receive the invite. I tested on myself with two email addresses.

This may not work for recipients that do not have a google calendar and as a scheduler, you have no idea what calendar recipients have. I'm trying this and will hope a recipient will reach out to me saying they didn't get it and I can ask them what calendar they use. 
Then go from there.

I have created support ticket TS0242525 today regarding this issue. 

After many back-and-forths with Support desk, having to clarify the actual issue here, I was given this link from their Support pages on correctly scheduling a meeting and sending out an invite. Zoom has broken it out into two completely different steps (1. Create a meeting. 2. Invite people to a scheduled meeting). As we all have experienced in the past, this never USED to be a multi-step process. Now it is. After I fumbled through it, and ignoring Field names on the UI, I've been successfully scheduling and getting actual email invitations out to my invitees. I've created my own screenshots and simple steps for you to take a look at and I hope it helps! Please feel free to tell Zoom Support and Product team that their UI is misleading. (attaching pdf showing steps)

AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much, Gretchen!!! I really appreciate and thank you for the time you took, not only to speak with a support team member to get to the bottom of the issue, but to also mark up and detail the pdf and re-post it here for others to use.

As you said, Zoom's UI is totally misleading in their placement of the "continuous meeting" box. ~How about allowing users to successfully send the meeting invite, before making the host declare others can remain on (a usually future) call longer than the scheduled ending time. This new update was clearly not thought all the way through.

Many thanks for this, Gretchen, but I don't get the calendar pop-up. It's so frustrating 😑

Scrap that, just found it, in my google calendar. I'm guessing this is a cynical policy by Zoom to scrape our calendar data 😶

Gretchen - just wanted you to know that your pdf is a life and business saver! I spent way too many hours trying to diagnose why meeting invitations were not being received.  BIG thank you!!


Thanks for letting me know.   You would think that a company that only does web meetings would have the ability to send meeting invites but I guess that's just short-sighted thinking on their part. 


Zoom needs to address this, it's not in their support webpages. Rupert, as a community engaged leader on this chat, what else do you have for a solution? How can we get Zoom to fix whatever changed in their methods so that all recipients, regardless of calendar type can simply receive an email with an invite? 

agree 100%, not very professional having to copy and paste invites. And, now they don't show up as an option to rely - Really crappy by Zoom


Same, we had too many no show meetings due to clients not receiving the invite, we now send the Zoom invites automatically using Salepager. Instead of having to copy all the information over from Zoom into our email client, we specify the participants in Salepager and they receive both the invitation with the Zoom link as well as a reminder across calendar systems (ical, outlook, gmail). 


Just missed a meeting because the invite was never received by my guest! This is so utterly unacceptable!
Other than testing ourselves by sending to a secondary email address, hosts have no way to know that their invites were not received! I have sent two invites to a secondary email address, neither of which have shown up in my inbox.
I was ready and prepared for this meeting and Zoom made me look bad in a professional environment. I will not forget this, and I am clearly not the only one.  According to this thread, this has been an issue for far too long!


Is this the best Zoom can do on Community forum? Really? I'm ready to switch to Whats App video calls. Why bother with Zoom if doing one on ones only...


this sucks I have the same issue. How incredibly unprofessional..


I am getting the same problem, and I can't believe Zoom is allowing this to happen. My company is going to switch to a different virtual meeting platform. The meeting invites use to work in the past, but not anymore!

Hi frenchrd,

I am experiencing this same issue and it is not yet resolved. I would also like to switch to a new virtual meeting platform - may I ask which one you chose and or would recommend?

Thank you!!



Hi all - To say that I am annoyed is an understatement. What is also irritating is that apparently I can't even get chat support for a problem Zoom hasn't fixed because I don't have the top tier subscription. Really Zoom??? Can't even advise them of the problem... stellar service Zoom! Thank goodness for Gretchen@csrf   and the rest of the community. Once you schedule the meeting as Gretchen describes above - I found that if you click on calendar at the top of the screen last icon on the right, you can easily add attendees here too. Click on the invite and small box with details will appear. Click on 3 dots (upper right corner) and you should see a invite people option. Once you click here you will see the names and email addresses pop up with an external tag. I've tested and confirmed recipients are getting my invites now.  Un- freaking believable... Good luck!