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I recorded a Zoom meeting as a guest, I got permission from the host. It dissapeared


I was a guest of a meeting, my daughter was the host.  She gave me permission to record her online baby shower.  After the meeting was over, it said it was converting.  It asked where I wanted to save the recording.  So I directed it to the 😧 drive where I put in a zip drive.  It said I didn't have permission to save there so I clicked on skip so I could go back.  Then it went away and I can't find out where it went.  Did I loose the shower forever it was on 2/25 at 6 pm AZ time.



If you are unable to locate the recording through the platform, you can also try checking your computer's default recording location to see if it was saved there. The default location can vary depending on your operating system and the settings you have chosen, but it is often in the "Downloads" folder or a folder labeled with the name of the platform you used.

If you are still unable to find the recording, you can try reaching out to the host of the meeting or the technical support team for the platform to see if they can assist you in locating the recording or recovering it if it was accidentally deleted.
For more info: Funavry Technologies