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Hybrid meeting with interpretation


Hello everybody,

I need your help with this scenario please:

I have an Hybrid meeting with interpretation between two languages. The interpreter is not in the floor but online.

i want to make each participant in the floor able to listen to the language he selects.

I used two PCs in the floor , each of them  listens to a different language and connect each of them to a transmitter that broadcast the selected language on a different channel to a receiver on that channel. each participant in the floor connects his headset to his own receiver and listens to the language of that channel.

the problem now is that when a participant in the floor speaks he hears himself from his headset that is connected to his receiver.

could you please advice a way to prevent speaker from hearing himself or suggest other other solution to accomplish that.


Thanks in advance.



I suppose you use a computer in the conference room and an external camera connected on this computer correct?  Do you have an AEC ? I am using a Lifesize Icon 700 that is doing Automatically the aec connected on the computer in the conference room.


Is that the case?


Thanks DCON_CHRIS for your reply.

Yes it is exactly what i do have.

tell me please if you experience the same problem.