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How to set up multiple meetings using the same meeting ID / URL?


Hello there

I would like to set up multiple open meetings that can be accessed via a single Meeting ID/URL embedded as a single link on our website. Anyone can join the meetings ( church services). I don't want to be sending out invites as it must be open to all and I don't want to be changing the link on my website every time we have a church service. Many thanks for your help in advance.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @rococo 


You can set up a recurring meeting so that each occurrence uses the same meeting ID and settings. To do this, sign into the Zoom desktop client and under the Meetings tab, click Schedule. From here, you can set the date and time, and set the cadence using the Repeat dropdown. 


I welcome you to explore the Scheduling a recurring meeting support article for more options.


I hope this helped!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You can set meetings as recurring or set one time.

This is the expected time of the Zoom meeting and the one shared with Calendars.


Also, remember you have your personal meeting ID, which can be used for meetings.


Just so you know, you can use that meeting ID and meet at another time, as long as the host opens the meeting or you allow the meeting to be started without the host.


So, if you need a meeting ID, for regular meetings at irregular times, use your personal meeting ID to host the meetings or set a recurring meeting and use it when needed (you don't need to keep strictly to the times)

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