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How to schedule 100s of meetings with unique URLs at repeating times




I asked this question a couple years ago and the solution suggested was to use Zoom's API functionality - which is beyond my capabilities. However, returning to using Zoom again after a year away, I was wondering if things had changed and if a solution had been baked into the standard options.


Is it possible to schedule multiple meetings which each need their own ID, URL and passcode? Because the meeting details are emailed to hundreds of different clients, I don't think the recurring meeting function would work even though the meetings happen regularly, i.e. daily at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00, are all an hour long and even all have the same name.


At the moment we have a meeting template that we reuse when scheduling, but have to do the date and time selection manually for each meeting and then copy/paste the ID, URL and passcode into a spreadsheet ready for staff to share the meeting details with clients. It feels like there must be some trick I'm not seeing which could cut down on the administrative time taken to do this, as well as the potential human error when copy/pasting.


Any help appreciated!





If you're experiencing a 10-minute wait restriction, it's possible that the host has set the Waiting Room to admit participants after 10 minutes. To join the meeting, you will need to wait until the host admits you or sends you a direct invitation to join the meeting.

Alternatively, you can contact the meeting host or the organizer to find out if there is any issue with the meeting or if they can let you in earlier.

Hi PaullaJack12, I think you've submitted a response to a different issue. Ed