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How the owner account bypasses SSO



Our Zoo tenant forces users to SSO authentication, but we would like to log in the owner user with email authentication instead of SSO authentication.
And, I've found the following article and understood the way to bypass SSO.

Click Select Domains to set which domains must sign in with SSO and specify users who can bypass SSO sign-in to use a work email and password sign in.


However, I failed to sign in with the owner user by email authentication.
I guess the cause is that the domain of the owner account is different from Associated Domain registered.
Is there way for the owner account, whose domain is different from Associated Domain, to log in by email authentication?







We have the same problem. We will change SSO login, Shibb to ADFS, but before we do that we want to be able to log in without SSO if something goes wrong.
We have therefore added emails to "User below can bypass SSO sign-in" but it does not work. We have tested  adresses with and without but with the same result. We can not figure out what is wrong.

Most of the "bypass" mails were added before we started with SSO but it makes no difference. 

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?





1. Turn on "allow users to sign in with work email"

2. Require your domain use SSO

3. Add users to bypass list.

This does only work for owner account. Other listed users can not set their password in the profile and therefore cannot login bypassing SSO. All accounts, except owner account, is created by SSO login.

Any tips to get it solved?