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How do you google for help...


...when all the search terms mean something else? 🙂


When I enter a room, I am able to use my bluetooth headphones, but cannot hear anything else from my phone or my PC. I listen to music while I work, through the same headphones I use for Zoom. Note: The music is for me only -- I do not wish to share my music with the room. Starting to see my trouble with googling? 


I have tried ALL the variations and permutations of the settings in Zoom and in Win10. I've even re-paired the headset. Any time I join a meeting with audio, Zoom steals all output for itself. This happens even when the music is coming from my phone, through the BT headset. While I can have my headset connected to my phone and my PC simultaneously, I cannot listen to audio from two sources (this appears to be normal for my headphones). 


Until a couple weeks ago, I could listen to music (stereo) and when there was audio in my meeting, I could pause my music and hear the room.... That no longer appears to work. If I'm in a room, then Zoom hoards all the audio. Even not being connected with computer audio does not "release" my audio. At first, I could not listen to my music (via my browser on my PC) in stereo because Zoom connects as a headset.


In Windows settings, I've unchecked the box that would 'allow applications to take exclusive control of this device'. (I've tried it both checked and unchecked but neither affects my problem.)



Win 10

Zoom 5.12.0 (8964)

Anker Soundcore Life U2 bluetooth headphones /headset


I've tried a number of googling terms but frequently the term I would use is already in use, but means something else.



zoom share audio  - I don't want to share my audio. I want zoom to allow non-zoom audio through my headphones

zoom audio multiple input sources - I get results for multiple outputs

zoom steals all audio - While I've read some of the pages from this search, none of them appears to be similar to my issue, nor do they suggest anything that helps.


Help. 🤔