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How can I mute my speaker sound on iPhone?


In some situations, I need to temporarily mute the speaker on my iPhone while in a Zoom meeting.


I've tried turning the volume all the way down using the iPhone buttons, and I've also tapped on the speaker icon at the top left of the screen, but there's still sound coming out of the speaker.  


Is this a bug in the app, or a deliberate feature, for example to avoid forgetting you're in a meeting?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @HappySpaceInvdr 


I believe this is intentional as Zoom acts this way on all mobile devices - you can turn the volume down very low, but not off totally.


What you can do is Leave Audio by pressing the three-dots. That will disconnect your audio altogether - but this will be apparent to other participants. 




My business case is that I am hosting a Zoom meeting on my laptop, joining the same meeting on my iPhone, sharing my iPhone screen (demonstrating using an app that has audio) and broadcasting that audio to all participants, but I don't want to hear any participants audio on the iPhone as I hear them on my laptop. Currently I hear a tiny echo from the iPhone, which is distracting.
Why can't you allow the iPhone output volume (not the microphone/mute) go to ZERO??? It goes to 5% or something low, why not 0% - LIKE ALL OTHER APPS!