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Hosting 2 meetings with different hosts same main account


We have 1 main account under my name with 3 paid users as alternative hosts.

It's best to organize our meetings under one account.


I'd like to be able to host 2 meetings at the same time - me hosting one, and an alternative host hosting the other.

If I start my meeting first, then the alternative host starts their meeting, the box pops up saying they have a meeting in progress already (which they don't, I do) but clicking ok does not kick me off my meeting.


If the alternative host starts their meeting first, then I as the main host start my meeting, the box that I have another meeting in progress pops up, and will kick the alternative host off their meeting, even though it's a separate meeting.


How can we fix this?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@pkliewer Unfortunately for a pro account you will only be able to host 1 meeting per user account regardless of the alternative hosts assigned. 

You will need to make sure that if you need 2 meetings going at the same time that you have them separately scheduled under a single user account. 
Reference: Can-I-host-concurrent-meetings- 


However, if you want to see them all under the same user account, you can setup Scheduling Privileges for all of your paid users and just schedule for a different user if a meeting is needed at the same time. You can also edit already scheduled meetings and just change the host. 
For how to set this up, please see: Scheduling-privilege 


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