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High school class reunions


Does anyone have experiences or thoughts about the roll of Zoom for "mixed" (=live + Zoom) high school reunions. I would add the fact this would be for a 60th high school reunion.



Hi John,

I am considering trying the same thing, and would appreciate any input you have received.  Our 59th reunion will be mid-August, and I would like to involve classmates who are unable to attend. We tried a Zoom during the pandemic, and although many in my class are not tech-savvy, the 25 who participated  did enjoy catching up.

The first night of our 2 day event has a large screen, on which we planned to project funny cartoons about getting old, so that screen would enable us to see so many faces on Zoom.  The problem would be the noise level!

Some things to consider:

1. Would earphones on the one at the reunion who is speaking drown out the background noise? 

2. No attendee wants to facilitate the whole time, so maybe a non-class member spouse would be willing?

3. How to keep everyone on Zoom from speaking at once. ( I know, ask all to mute themselves) , but how to decide who speaks in what order? And about what?  Just a shout-out to all, or specific friends?


John, I wish you luck on your 60th reunion, and hope you are able to pull off a Zoom at your live event!



Very good thoughts and observations. Thank you so very much. I'm kinda "on hold" on this issue these days. Thanks again for responding.