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Have controls on both monitors


I have started running Zoom lately for my church's Bible-study group and may be using this platform a lot more after using Skype for this purpose. As well, my role with these meetings is to effectively do the "technical control" of the meeting while someone else leads the study because most of the members in the group aren't computer-savvy.


But I am using a Windows dual-screen setup with an Ultrabook laptop and a 27" desktop screen and have had Zoom run in dual-monitor mode.  In this setting for the ordinary meeting, I have the laptop show the traditional gallery view with the participants and whoever is actively speaking appear on the larger external screen. But while I am screen-sharing, I have the material I am sharing on the main screen and I find this arrangement working satisfactorily.



A feature I would like to see for the meeting control bar appear at the bottom of either screen if I move the cursor to the bottom of the appropriate screen rather than always happening at the bottom of the laptop screen. I would see this as being relevant only in the standard meeting view - i.e. when I am not screen-sharing. This is so that i could quickly mute/enable the mic or camera if I have to. 


Is this already part of the Zoom platform or will it be run as part of a feature update for the desktop platforms?


With regards,


Simon Mackay


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @SimonMackay 


I do not believe this feature exists currently. But I can certainly see how it would be useful in use-cases like yours.


You could try submitting a feature suggestion at


What type of Zoom account do you have? 


With a a Business account (usually found with 10 licenses for or more) it is possible to join the same Meeting twice from the same computer. This does allow you to essentially have the Meeting controls twice on the same screen or computer. But its a heavy solution for your requirement.


You could also just join the Meeting a second time from a different adjacent device. I sometimes have a second laptop to one side to give me a second way to control a Meeting. Usually I give it Co-Host.


Actually you could also login from the web on the same machine to give you a second way in?


Hope this helps.