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Gallery View but only recording my spotlighted screen




I am a coach (yoga/pregnancy/postnatal) and I use Zoom to host and record my classes.


I used to be able to have my veiw set to Gallery View but if I spotlighted myself ONLY my own video is recorded. This seems to have changed recently and even when I spotlight myself, if I change to gallery view and hit record it records everyone in Gallery view.


My use case is that I want to be able to see everyone so that I can see them properly and provide feedback but I ONLY want to record my spotlighted screen as the active speaker because that way I can share the recording whilst also protecting the member's privacy.


I was on 'record active speaker with shared screen' and have now selected 'record gallery, active speaker & shared screen separately' to see if that helps but I don't really want this option as it takes up too much storage space.


Why has this changed and how can I achieve my desired result.