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Feature Request Topic and Community Location



I was attending the Zoom Education Summit and stopped by the Instructure Expo booth where we ended up discussing how Canvas's Community compared to Zoom Community, specifically in relation to how it handled feature requests. In the Canvas Community, features can be requested, discussed, up-voted, and down-voted. I think this community could pretty much achieve the same thing by adding a "Feature Request" topic to the existing list of topics. If, however, there is another mechanism already in place that I haven't found yet, I would love to hear what it is. 🙂


On a related note, this is my first time exploring and posting in this Community, and I'm a little surprised that "Community" is not on the list of locations. Since this is a recommendation for improving Community, I would have posted it there. This said, as that location doesn't seem to exist, I posted it in the location that I imagined would get the most eyeballs. 🙂