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Echo while sharing content from HDMI

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Hello everyone, I recently faced an issue at 3 different customer locations but exactly same problem. While the content with & without audio is shared from HDMI cable in zoom room set up, we hear background garbled audio & remote locations hear similar/echos. If any other participant shares content, then no problem at my site as well as all other locations.

Does anyone have any idea on this how to resolve!

Thanks Vishal    



Hi Vishal, we recently started seeing this same issue on Zoom Rooms with several different rooms and different system types.  I'm wondering if Zoom made some sort of change to the way it does HDMI content share.  This doesn't seem to be a normal echo cancellation issue; the far end is not hearing themselves when they talk, they are just hearing a doubled / echo'd version of the content share.  This is happening in rooms that did not have this issue on previous versions of the Zoom Rooms software.