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Display Name in Active Host Report


Has anyone noticed that Zoom's "Active Host Report" (which an admin can generate by going to Reports>Active Hosts>By Users) experienced some changes recently?


It used to be the case that the User Name column in this report would show the user's First and Last name (NOT their Display Name).  And if a user didn't have a name entered, the User Name cell for them would be blank.


Now, it shows the user's Display Name under the User Name column (instead of the values posted in the First and Last name fields), and if a user doesn't have a name entered, it copies their email address into the User Name field rather than leaving it blank.


For me, this is a problem because a) people enter all kinds of weird stuff into the Display Name field, and it makes it hard to identify them and b) repeating their email address in the Name field makes it hard to see when someone doesn't have a name entered.


Has anyone found a way to force this report to use First and Last name instead of Display Name (or at least include First and Last name as separate columns)?  Anyone else feel these changes are annoying?