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Device compatability


I use zoom for dance classes. I have three questions.
1. Many students are facing similar glitches in the video. My video is seen instead of theirs. It is broken by lines and the colours also change. What is the solution to this?
2. I would like to purchase a new laptop. My requirements are a good microphone that can catch sounds of instruments and singing, and also a wide-angle camera without distorted sides. Can you suggest a laptop that would be appropriate and compatible with zoom?
3. If I am instructing and the student is dancing, how can I make sure that the student is visible in the recordings?
Thank you  



I am also looking for the answers to the first two questions.

I am also facing similar issues with my zoom app and I am tired of those issues. I want to get rid of them but I don't have time to search solutions online for those issues because of my pending homework. I can't believe I found your post while searching for the website online, I was looking for it online because I want to read review and when I was searching for it on google search, I found link to your post as well.