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Contact Centre..... and can anyone help


Before I downloaded the recent updates, Zoom worked fine. I arranged a meeting; and it bounced automatically on to my calendar. I could then send out invites from my calendar (a Microsoft calendar.....) 


I use a Mac. But since the update, it doesn't do that at all. When I try to connect my calendar, and I fill in all my details, it does not connect to the calendar. Utterly useless. Then, when I decide to contact the help centre, it doesn't recognise my account even though I correctly insert the details. I can't speak to anyone; and their so called help centre is useless in trying to navigate this. 


Why did they change it? If anyone from Zoom wants to get in touch, to talk me through what is wrong, then I am all ears. If not, my subscription will be cancelled in a week! 



I have encounterd the same, exact problem. Since the recent Zoom upgrade, I no longer get automatic connection with Microsoft Outlook. When asked to connect with Microsoft 365 - for which I have an account - my username and phone number are not recognized. A 3rd party helps service I use could not get Outlook to connect with Zoom.  Like you, I can't talk with a Zoom rep.