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Concurrent Meetings - Multiple Pro Accounts


Hi All,


1. I have a Pro account with an "owner" email/user and a second Pro license assigned to a separate "member" email/user. I was told by sales that this would enable the owner and the member to each host one meeting at a time, and those meetings could take place concurrently (providing the member's meeting was scheduled for "Myself"). This Zoom support article seems to confirm this, but this community thread indicates otherwise. Please clarify/confirm.


2. In "Meetings," the member has the option to view meetings currently scheduled for "all," "myself," or the owner. They also have the option of scheduling meetings for either "Myself" or the owner. The owner does not have these pull-down options. Additionally, member meetings do not show up in the owners meeting list. This seems to give the member greater flexibility within/control of the account than the owner.

a. Is there a way to add the pull-down options to the owner's account?

b. Is there a way for all meetings to show up in the owner's list of scheduled meetings, and recordings?

c. Is there a way for the owner to be able to schedule meetings for members?


If the answers to the above are, "No," I would suggest that R&D consider making some adjustments.


3. Linked accounts - When I view Account Management>Account Profile>Link accounts to an organization

in the owner account, the member account is not listed. Only the owner user name appears. If I do the same in the member account, the owner account name is there. Are the accounts properly linked?


Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.