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Co-host cannot launch poll




I have a user who has set up a meeting with her manager's login, and created a poll.  The manager then joins the meeting and makes her a co-host.  Normally she can then launch the poll on his behalf, but now it won't allow her to do so.


She is getting this error



Any suggestions on what is causing this?


Community Champion

@LouLouWhite We resolved the known cause of this issue previously in a web release last October. However, the user will also need to be on version 5.8.0 of the Zoom desktop client to allow this functionality. 

I would have them check for updates to the client to make sure they are on the latest and then try to replicate. 

If they can replicate, please open a support ticket with our team and provide the relevant information. For Example: Meeting ID, date/time, Alt/co-host receiving the error in meeting. 

Zoom Technical Support 


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