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Cloud recording, where is the recording?


I have just started teaching using zoom. The agency have asked me to record the class time. I was given host and I pressed the record to cloud. I heard the voice and I also ended the recording accordingly. The agency has a licensed zoom that they pay for. I have a basic account. I clicked on the zoom link given to me to join the meeting.


I have tried going to zoom desktop and clicking on recordings. There is nothing there. I have suggested to the agency to check under their recordings, but they do not have it either. I was told that this wasn’t an issue for the previous teacher that I have taken the role from. 


I am using an iPad. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I'm assuming it would be under the account of the person that scheduled the meeting on your behalf. The admin for the account should also be able to review all recordings within the Recording Management section.