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Client from China facing the error code 13215


I have free zoom account. My client from China was not able to join my zoom link & was getting error code 13215. How to fix that?



ZOOM has implemented certain restrictions for participants from China. If they are free users, they will receive an error code 13215 and will be unable to join the meeting unless they upgrade to paid account. Meanwhile free users from other regions do not have such limitations. This is a discriminatory regulation!


And such regulation was not communicated to the users before they made a payment to purchase the service.  I applied for a refund due to this, and it has been almost a month, but it is still being processed.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Is it discrimination when the government of a country forces a corporation to follow the laws of that country?


Interesting! Which specific law are you talking about here? Do you have a source for that information? I couldn't find anything about it.


Based on Zoom's support webpage, it seems that 13215 means "you are unable to join meetings hosted by this user at this time," not "as a free user, you're not allowed to attend meetings due to Chinese government laws."


Even if your point is correct, but why hasn't Zoom responded to the numerous user inquiries and pleas for help?




Ken-Z.... Can you help explain this a little more?  I own a PAID Pro Zoom account and have for several years initiated Zoom calls to have meetings with clients in China.  The Chinese-based client does not have a Paid account, but I do, and I am starting the Zoom call.  Yes, the Chinese clients are getting the message "you are not able to join meetings hosted by this user at this time."  The Chinese client says the problem is with my Paid account.  I am in the US. Is it my US Paid account that has the problem of the Chinese client not being able to join me as a host?  I am trying to figure out who has to do the fix.  Please clarify more about which end is causing the Zoom calls to fail.  Thanks so much.


Same promblem here! is that been sovled alreday?