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Change in Zoom Interface


First time posting on any message board.  Look forward to input from others.  I'm fairly new to Zoom Admin.  

1. When I started using Zoom Admin Business (about a year ago) the look was clean and easy to operate.  Scheduling, recording, and sharing recorded meeting were very easy and always worked.  Is it possible to change format back?  Pop up window used to establish setting for sharing a recorded video does not work.  I have unchecked the ability for a shared video to be downloaded, but recipient is allowed to download shared video.  Old format used to trim video was a lot better.  Overall, for me, the updates are a step back.  Maybe if I was a seasoned tech coordinator the updates would be an improvement. 

2. Please help - do I have the option to revert to previous format or is there a setting that will change the look.  After unchecking the ability to download a shared video, why can recements still download?  

3. Thank you in advanced.  I am in a bind.  Have video that need to be shared for work, but cannot until these issues are resolved.