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Breakout Rooms Option Not Showing in Menu


I have a Pro Zoom Account. 

  • have a Meeting room in my account that anyone can join at any time, whether I am there or not. It's been up for almost 3 years. I almost never have tech issues - maybe twice in 3 years.

When I learned about the Breakout Rooms feature, I created breakout rooms for this Meeting which have been used for a couple of years.

  • The Breakout Room option is set up so anyone can open it (or a number of members of this group who have the host key can open them - I forget which.)

Today I came on the Zoom room and another member who can open the breakout rooms was already there tho not available to talk at that moment...

  • But the breakout rooms were not open and the option to open them did not show up in the menu.
  • This never happened before. 

I checked my account to make sure the option was still selected --  everything was fine.

  • I checked everything I could think of..

After spending 20 minutes searching and researching all this out:

  • I looked at my Zoom room options again and all of a sudden the Breakout Room option was there. 
  • The other member could now talk and said that the breakout room option had not been available
    • But she checked again while we were talking and now the option was there for her too.

I could now open the Breakout rooms.

Does anybody know what happened?


(Frankly, it was very annoying to learn that with Pro, I no longer have live phone support, no live chat support nor email support. Just these rooms. This was only the second time in 3 years I needed tech support. I usually can fix things myself.  Don't like that Zoom's downgraded the level of support. -- This Breakout room was urgent as the formal meeting was starting shortly.)