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Blocked account after clicking on webinar registration link got a 403 forbidden error


I'm perplexed! I received an email about a webinar later this week, which had a "register now" button. I clicked the button and filled out the registration form, but when I then clicked "register", the page said "HTTP 403 error".

Shortly thereafter I tried to click on a zoom link and got the message: 

"Sorry, you have been blocked

You are unable to access"


This extends to any zoom link from anywhere. 

When I try to contact Zoom live support by phone, the automated response is then unable to locate my account (after I enter my Personal Meeting ID and my Host Key), so it won't allow me to reach anyone. What do I do to get around this catch-22?
I have basic zoom and do not really want to spend $50 for a single customer service phone call, is that my only option? Thank you!
Liz Feldman



Error 403 Forbidden
Liz Feldman . . .
I'm having similar issues. Extensive Live Chat  with Zoom support yielded nothing. waiting 4+ hours for last chat transcript/ticket update and promised meeting appointment with engineer.  

$50 Support call?  Point me, please.  I asked for a pay option. No go.

I and others on various systems have attempted registering to a current, recurring webinar. 

Scheduling a new webinar, the error code appears whenever attempting to modify Registration Settings.

My issue seems to have gone away, and I'm back to baseline. SOrry you are having such trouble!

What I meant was if you upgrade to a paid subscription, you can get live chat. Apparently that didn't help you.

SORRY! Good luck!