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Black box avatar in lower left corner of screen


For the past few monthly meetings of a certain local group, those of us Zooming in from home to a hybrid meeting have found there is a large black with white icon/avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of our screens during a presentation when the host is sharing a screen. The box covers up part of the screen (the part below "Permafrost" in my attachment. We all have tried to get rid of it or move it out of the way, but it stays there, covering up part of the screen. At the in-person meeting, no one sees this avatar, only those zooming in from home. I have searched support using terms such as "avatar" and "icon" and "black box" and "left-hand corner of screen" and I don't see anything. Anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it? Thanks!the black box with white person icon covers up part of the screenthe black box with white person icon covers up part of the screen



Okay - We had another meeting and this time, whenever a Zoom participant spoke or made a noise, they showed up in the box. They stayed in the box until the next person spoke. Obviously this is a feature that shows the active speaker during a screen share. But we want to get rid of it. I don't even know what it is called. I have searched "active speaker" and only get the information about a speaker in a panel of other participants. I understand about active speakers during a non-screen-sharing session. The box is highlighted in green, or if you have it set up differently, the speaker shows up big and the other participants are in regular-sized boxes.


How do you get rid of the active speaker showing up, taking up a lot of screen space, during screen share? Please help, at least tell me what to call this thing.

Thanks in advance.