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Black Box while screen share.


when I host a Zoom meeting and start a screen share, the participants always see a black bar at the top. This is the zoom bar for me. Even if a pop-up window appears that another participant wants to join the meeting, the other participants see this as a black box. I've attached an image as an example. I've already looked through all the settings, updated the Zoom client, but I just can't get this to go away. I work on Windows 10 Pro. Can someone help or give a tip here? Thanks!


Community Champion

Try going to your Zoom client settings > Share screen > Advanced and disable 'Use hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing". This is usually the culprit with Windows 10 devices.


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When you start a screen share,  you can click on the left side of the control bar and drag it to a new location on your screen.   Zoom will save where you position the control bar for all future screen shares.   If you only have one screen, you can also use the Hide Floating Meeting Controls option shown below.  Hope this helps!