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Black Box while screen share.


when I host a Zoom meeting and start a screen share, the participants always see a black bar at the top. This is the zoom bar for me. Even if a pop-up window appears that another participant wants to join the meeting, the other participants see this as a black box. I've attached an image as an example. I've already looked through all the settings, updated the Zoom client, but I just can't get this to go away. I work on Windows 10 Pro. Can someone help or give a tip here? Thanks!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Try going to your Zoom client settings > Share screen > Advanced and disable 'Use hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing". This is usually the culprit with Windows 10 devices.


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i have a similar issue - SEE ATTACHED
screen sharing does not have an advanced option. - SEE ATTACHED

any other ideas? 


this did not help me please suggest another solution.


I can't find where to locate this 




When you start a screen share,  you can click on the left side of the control bar and drag it to a new location on your screen.   Zoom will save where you position the control bar for all future screen shares.   If you only have one screen, you can also use the Hide Floating Meeting Controls option shown below.  Hope this helps!


It doesn't work on my Windows 11. Still a BIG problem.


We use a product called snagit.  Turning off the snagit capture widget fixes the issue for us.


I have noticed that if I share with "optimize for video" box ticked it will cause black boxes, if it is unticked there are no blacked out sections on the shared feed. Might be worth checking if it enable and try it while disabled instead.


See note from screen sharing feature:

  • When Optimize for video clip is enabled along with showing Zoom windows during screen share, any Zoom windows within the area that is shared will appear as a gray box, blocking the view of the shared content. We recommend disabling showing Zoom windows during screen share or using multiple screens so that Zoom windows can be dragged to another screen. 

I discovered by accident exactly what you stated as a solution. As soon as I unchecked "Optimize for video" , everything cleared up and was back to normal again.Wish I had seen your post long time ago. Thanks anyway.

I tried unchecking "Optimize for video" no difference.

I think I have the same problem. I can share screen but when I interact (move my mouse) within any interface there is a lag that shows a smaller black box sometimes as my mouse reached an interactive interface area or the whole shared screen goes black when I click. A few seconds later the black clears and looks good. As I am Now typing in this box the shared screen is all black. When I click outside the text box it lags but my shared screen comes back.

This is happening in my browser, my finder when I launch an application and any open application I try, both sharing desktop or application. The worst part is it worked just fine yesterday and last week.   Were you on a Mac or PC?


Just to clarify, is disabling "Optimize for video" something that the person doing screen-sharing has to do?


Is there anything that the viewer -- the person whose Zoom screen is obscured by the rectangular black box -- can do?  I gather that some cases this problem is related to older ("legacy") operating systems. Is the glitch caused by the interaction of the "optimize for video" and an older operating system? If so, could the viewer improve the glitch by upgrading their OS? (I realize that there are limits on how much the operating systems on older computers can be upgraded.)


Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you responding to the original post or to my post? That sounds like a good fix for people who see a black bar at the top that replaces the floating meeting controls.
The problem I'm posting about (according to meeting participants) appears to involve a much larger black box, covering maybe a third of the screen. 😕

I have tried this, it is not correcting the issue.   It does hide the control at top, but I still have block boxes in my video.  see the image below.  there are 3 squares in the middle of the screen. on the left and right.  


The control at top and the CC box seem to go away.    I will try again to be sure.  But optimizing video option causes all of this.   An unintended consequence I guess...