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Basic Plan - allow participants to join before host




Is it possible on the Basic Plan - allow participants to join before host? If so, how?


I saw on thread that it is possible to allow participants to join before host, but there was no explanation on how that was done (as the thread was not question):


I have read the Zoom support article and for me,


There is only Advance Options>Allow participants to Join Anytime, is this the same?

There is no 'Join Before Host' (I'm using Basic Plan)

It mentions:


If you turn on Join Before Host in your meeting settings, it will be on by default for any newly scheduled meetings, but you will be able to uncheck it when scheduling a meeting."


I tried creating a new meeting, but it is the same. There is no 'Join Before Host' since I can not find the Account Management then Account Settings. in my Zoom. 


I have updated my Zoom version today. The article mentions that this feature only works on Zoom client version 5.4.0 or higher.


Please advise if you can. 



Hi @JoannA6 


I had to look it up, but does this help you?






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Join anytime and before host I think are the same thing  - just changes in terminology over time.


This is generally set-up on a per-meeting basis, when you create a meeting.


@Rupert thanks for the explanation. I did not think it was just a rebranding of term. 


Does that mean that this function is not avaliable on reoccuring meetings?

So in the Setting is:


"Allow participants to join before host"




When setting up the actual meeting you need 

"Allow participants to join anytime"


I don't think recurrence makes a different. I was able to set up a meeting with both. 


@Rupert thanks for the reassurance. 

 This answers my query. 


If you don't mind me assking, since you sound like you may know the answer:


Q. If I don't end up joining, after 2 other participants have 'joined before host', does that mean that they will not have cut off after 40mins?

Or does that rule only apply to 2 attendess, one of which, must be the host?

Hi @JoannA6 


I had to look it up, but does this help you?






@Rupert This is most helpful. Thank you for looking it up and sharing it with me. I have no idea how you managed to find this info. Well Done!


If you don't mind, it is so helpful, that I want to tag the original poster @Ajaneric 

I am not sure if they can see the screenshot with the details of how to get 30minv40min cut off which you have shared, so here is a link to this thread for them:


@Ajaneric Aug2021, mentioned about the 40minisv30mins thing:


Thank you both for sharing. 


PS. I don't know why, but when I am the host and only one other person joins the reoccuring meeting, it never cuts off and keeps going. I am not complaining. Just an obersation. 


But now I get it, when there is 3 of us in total, it always cuts off/countdowns to be a 40 minute meeting. (Using Zoom in Oct2021)

Need help to join meeting. I opened Zoom, had password and meeting ID, but it wouldn't open.