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Background noise during Zoom meetings. Noise from another system in the webisphere


Today when I ran a meeting there was a lot of noise coming through my speakers.  It was if my internet was connected to a hair dressing salon.  There were conversations, noises from appliances etc and I could not work out where they were coming from.  I was in a meeting with only 1 other person and they said that they couldn't hear any of those noises.  It also happened when I was running meetings last year and it has not occurred again until recently and again today.  The various sounds are very distracting because they are quite loud.


I checked with the user on the meeting today and they were attending on only 1 device and as I said the person could not hear what I was hearing.


Looking forward to any assistance you can provide.




If anyone has any information 



Hello TezzaAlex -


I  experienced background noise of a completely different version tonight in my weekly meeting with a small group of friends.  It was the intermittent sound of someone snoring  for about 30 seconds and all 7 of us heard it.   It happened about 5 times in our 1 hour meeting.  Then just before we closed the meeting, we heard the muffled sound of a television that lasted just about 15 seconds.  This is disconcerting and causes me to question the privacy of Zoom meetings.