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Automatically silence app notifications/"Focus Assist"/Do Not Disturb while in Zoom meetings?


Audible notifications are a major and persistent distraction in Zoom meetings (and sometimes an embarassment, when it becomes obvious people are IMing with each other behind the scenes), whether they come from Outlook, Slack, Teams, or another app. There does not appear to be any feature in Zoom to silent external app notifications when a meeting is active. The user can manually disable sounds, turn on Focus Assist on Windows, or Do Not Disturb/Focus mode on OSX, but most users will never remember to do this.


Is there any way to make this happen automatically? Does anyone know if Windows Focus Assist (and the Mac equivalent) have APIs that Zoom could call to mute local sounds during meetings? Is there any third-party software that might accomplish this goal?


There does appear to be at least an undocumented API to Focus Assist, mentioned at