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Audio issue, participants cannot hear my voice in Zoom meeting


Hi, I join Zoom meeting, participant cannot hear me but I can hear them. I have run Windom updates and reinstall Zoom application. Still it doesn't work. Any idea how to resolve this ? 




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @ccheng,


I just answered a similar question for another user.  Please see below:


While in the meeting, please click the up arrow next to your Mute/UnMute icon in the bottom left corner of your Zoom client.  This will allow you to verify which mic is active.  It sounds like Zoom may not be set to the mic you want to use and may be using the built-in computer mic instead.  Select the proper mic from the list and see if this resolves your problem.


If this resolves your issues, please click the Accept as Solution button on this thread so that others can benefit from this as well.



I have tried what you suggested and nothing works. I WANT to use my computers in built mic. I have gone into advanced meeting settings and enabled the toggle but i still cannot be heard but the other person in the meeting.

I have zoomed a few months ago and it was fine. 

It also keeps asking me to 'update' and when I try to do that it won't update either.

Thanks a million for any help !!

Did you ever this resolved?  I am also having issues in zoom meetings, no one can hear me.  I want to use my built in mic also, not working.  I have tried everything.



It keeps coming up this ..but when I follow the links etc won't do anything ie update. 

i have to click launch meeting in browser and then I have no audio. I can hear them but they cannot hear me. Thanks heaps 

 I am also having issues in zoom meetings, no one can hear me.  I want to use my built in mic also, not working.  I have tried everything.


I am having a similar issue which began late last year 2022.  I do and have always used my computers internal mic. If I schedule a meeting and join prior to my participants, my voice volume is low and drops in and out on the participants side.  The audio on my side is always fine.  The fix I have been effectively using is to either:

1. Join AFTER the participants have joined.

2. Exit the session after the participants have joined (I instruct them to wait online) and then re-enter.


This seems to repair the audio issue however I would like not to have it happen in the first place.  Any suggestions?

I am having this issue too but only when someone else sets up the zoom.  When I set up the zoom call, all is fine.  I try to exit and re-enter and they still can't hear me.

Tried it, it did not work.


Hi Dan,

We tried all possible troubleshooting but there's one weird intermittent issue with one of the users' Zoom meetings. And this issue happens anytime during the meeting and sometimes doesn't happen. The internet and audio settings/permissions are all fine.

The laptop (Asus Zenbook) is latest 2023 purchase, preloaded with Windows 11 Home 64bit. Fully updated OS and Apps.


Here’s what user has faced many times.


“Yesterday, I could not complete my Zoom call due to sound glitches (others could not hear me though I could hear them). I then uninstalled Zoom today morning (and the Outlook Zoom Plug In) and reinstalled after a fresh download. Unfortunately, in a subsequent Zoom call, the same problem was there (the person on the other side could not hear me, while I could hear her clearly). We then shifted to MS Teams and there was no problem at all in the 60 minutes of call time.”


Will highly appreciate some help here.



I am not a new Zoom user. My being unable o be heard on a Zoom meeting last night and one today just started on both my cell phone and computer. Is there some download I missed to my Zoom software on both my computer and Apple phone that would cause people to no hear me in Zoom meetings but I could hear them???


Good Afternoon, I just started having the same problem. If you don't mind. Did you ever find out how to fix the sound issues you were having? Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on this.


Would also like to know how to fix this. I often have just one or two participants that cannot hear me clearly. They can hear but the volume is low for them. I am always the host in these cases. It's odd that it doesn't occur with all of the meeting participants. 


Test audio settings before a meeting
In the top-right corner, click your profile picture, then click Settings. Click the Audio tab. In the Speaker section, click Test Speaker to play a test tone. If you cannot hear it, select a different speaker from the drop-down menu or adjust the Volume.




I can hear attendees. They CANNOT hear me.


When i click on my profile pic in the

upper right corner, I do not get a settings option.  It only offers billing or sign-out.  

I tried this, nothing.  Volume is so low they can not hear me.  All was fine two weeks ago.


Still facing this issue myself. Just started a few weeks ago, but I haven't done anything different since before it worked to now. Tried everything that's been suggested, and nada.


I tried to connect with zoom, out in my host id and my meeting number, they said they couldn't find me as a zoom member.  I am having issues with the sound.  I can hear them, they are gearing me very low.


By the way, I entered my host for and conference number into the automated system.  They could not find me. I have been on hold for an hour this evening, waiting for tech support  is anyone out there??????


Just a silly question, but are you working with an Apple product?  I'm thinking that it might be a glitch with Apple computers.  I used my HP last night for a zoom call, no problems.


Wasn't sure if you meant me or not but I'm using a Dell

I am having the same problem. I just got a new computer and zoom isn't working. I can hear them but the connection is awful and people can't hear me. I go on my phone and it works fine. My internet is working fine so it seems weird. I also can my volume checked and it is working  because I did a facebook live and could be heard. Please help as I use zoom frequently.