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Audio cutting out!!


My audio keeps dropping out in the middle of meetings. I quite often have two meetings back to back, the first one this evening was fine, then the audio cuts out during the second then this message appears, "low system audio may affect your audio quality. Try closing down some applications to improve performance" I don't have any other  apps running on my laptop, I've closed everything down, I even make sure the cloud isn't backing up in the background. So what could it be???? It's becoming very annoying as I rely on this for my business. Could it be something to do with the Zoom apps? I would appreciate someone getting back to me. Many thanks.



I have the same problem, have you found a solution?  (I don't see any replies to your comment or other similar ones).


I thought I had resolved it but frustratingly, no!!!

I wanted to wait a bit before I replied to see if it had resolved itself as it doesn't happen all the time. I stopped using my head mic thinking that that was the problem but it started happening again this week. I'm currently using my Laptop to run the sessions, but am going to try from my iPad for a while to see if that works better.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



 Low system resources can happen when your operating system does not release resources correctly. I'm not sure if you have tried this, but do you regularly shut down and  restart your computer? Restarting your computer forces the operating system to release resources.  This may not help, but is an easy thing to try.


If that doesn't help, you may want to uninstall the Zoom application and reinstall it. 



Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have tried reinstalling and shutting down and rebooting before each session. But it still happens from time to time. It has been suggested to me that maybe my Laptop isn't 'enough' to support running the zoom app that's why I thought I'd try from my iPad for a while to see if it happens on there as well. 

many thanks

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Community Champion | Customer



if you are the owner or admin of your Zoom account you can access the Zoom dashboard. The Dashboard can show statistics about the health of past or live meetings. This can be very helpful to determine why a meeting has an issue.


You will also be able to see real-time graphs that indicate connection quality for sending/receiving video, audio, and shared content. If nothing is being sent or received at that time, no information will show. The following will be captured in the dashboard:

  • Bitrate - the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along with a digital network.
  • Latency - the amount of time it takes for a packet to travel from one point to another. In Zoom's case, the time it takes an audio, video, or screen share packet to travel from the Zoom client to the Zoom cloud. 
  • Jitter - the variation in the delay of received packets.
  • Avg. Loss - the average amount of packet loss, which is the percentage of packets that fail to arrive at their destination.
  • Max Loss - the max amount of packet loss, that is the max percentage of packets that fail to arrive at their destination.

Learn more about the Dashboard Meetings and Webinars tab

You can view the detailed stats for Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing, including the bitrate, latency, jitter, as well as packet loss average and maximum. For Video and Screen Sharing, you can also view the resolution and framerate.


You can also view the CPU usage including the minimum, average, and maximum used by Zoom during the meeting/webinar, as well as the maximum used by the system (device) overall during the meeting. 

All of this information is also presented in graphical form. Using the slider below the graph, the amount of time presented on the graph can be reduced or increased to view a specific time during the meeting for troubleshooting purposes. 



Here is a real example from my dashboard that shows a problem

Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 2.11.31 PM.png


When I look deeper I see a big loss in audio sending (note the warning icon)

Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 2.12.28 PM.png

 When I look at the CPU usage it's at 100% at one point;

Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 2.14.58 PM.png


I would tell this user to close some applications to free up system resources.



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