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Are there Toll Free Zoom Calls Still

We have been using Zoom for the last couple of years and creating Zoom meetings where Toll Free phone numbers were available for those phoning into a meeting. We have a Pro Account that includes Zoom Webinar. We are creating a Zoom Webinar event now, and cannot find the Toll Free phone numbers. Also, I am looking at some of our current meeting listings and I no longer see the Toll Free numbers available. 
Are Toll Free numbers still available? 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @PeterM1,


To use Toll Free numbers, you have to subscribe to an Audio Conferencing Plan. See this Zoom Support article for details:


I don’t recall a time when Toll Free numbers were available without upgrading. I think a lot of people are so accustomed to dialing long distance with cell phones that they’ve forgotten that Toll Free numbers aren’t included by default.


The vast majority of your attendees will likely use the computer-based audio; with a hundred or more people in attendance, i rarely see more than 1-2 dial in attendees, and most of the time none. 

In the above-references article there is a link to s table of numbers available, by country. It can be accessed here: 
You have to be logged into your account, and this will show you all numbers and countries included in your account for telephone access. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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