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Add to Calendar Error when using Zoom App on the Phone


While using the Zoom app after I schedule a meeting, it provides a screen to Start, Add to Calendar, Invite of Delete. When I click Add to Calendar it just gives Error and does not add to the Calendar. I am using Microsoft Outlook 365. Can anyone please help? This is causing me to miss many meetings!


Thank you very much!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @SB3 


I would check in your phone's Security settings that the Zoom app has permission to access your Calendar. 


I step further might be to ensure your Office 365 (or Outlook) app is set as the default Calendar on your phone. But Zoom should give you this choice - if it has permission, which I suspect it doesn't.


The Security settings process will be different, depending on whether you are on iOS or Android. Either way it will be through your phone's Setting menu (not in Zoom). 

I have been having the same issue for a couple weeks.  Outlook is my default calendar, and I have given zoom permissions to everything. 


I have two meetings scheduled in a week.  I tried instead to send myself an invitation via Outlook email.  Email contains Zoom-meeting.ics file.   I click on the ics file for the Monday meeting and choose save to device.   Shows up on my calendar.   I do the same thing for the Friday file.  The meeting is moved from Monday to Friday, instead of adding a second meeting.


Is this because the ics file has the same name for every meeting generated? 

Thanks Robert.  I have given the Zoom app permission to access my Calendar.


How do I set Outlook as the default Calendar on the phone?  What is the path for that?