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Zoom Meetings - Pro Tip #2: ✋🏼 Raise hand for informal questions

We likely all know and use the Raise Hand feature to take informal polls or to signify to the host or presenter that you have a question, but this Pro Tip will detail how to use Raise Hand in a slightly different way. In our own weekly team meetings,...

Bort by Community Champion
  • 2 replies

White text bar appearing at the bottom of my screen

When I sign into a Zoom meeting now, I have a white bar at the bottom of the screen with the words 'type something' in it, though they appear in mirror writing to me. I've no idea how I got it or how to get rid of it. I've attached a picture. Can any...

joining with SSO on pc app

im unable to login into my account by sso login u can do it it in my phone but when im trying to do it in my PC it is not working it is not redirecting me to the college portal

zoom mute problem in previous version

on ver 5.8.3. according to the record i think sound of mine might crossing line on mike(at down left side button) was clearly shown throughout whole the timebut...i think it's my that moment, was those green outline presented when...

Video resolution problem

Hi ZOOM Users.I have big problem.. plz let me know solution please... I use an external camera in my studio. I send external camera video to participant by ZOOM. Regrettable zoom video quality is too low. The reason I used external camera that I want...

WO1 by Observer
  • 1 replies

problem in zoom

when i join the any meeting after 2 min i automatically go to waiting room and host can not see me also in admit room please solve ,my problem it help in my every device ..

Video & Mic failure after transfer from breakout room

We had a speaker prep call that happened in a breakout room while the meeting is in progress. The speaker had full video and audio in the breakout room. Did nothing and re-entered the meeting automatically when breakout room was closed, but the video...

SamWLBR by Observer
  • 0 replies

Personal Meeting ID (URL)

Will the URL created from my personal meeting ID change for any reason? I understand that the URL will not change unless you change the personal meeting ID, but please let me know if you make a mistake.

k_kasa by Observer
  • 1 replies
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