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Accessing reports for who attended zoom meetings




I'm trying to access reports to tell me which participants attended a zoom meeting. I have a zoom pro account, I've clicked Account Management > Reports > Meeting and searched for the day of the meeting. There is No Data.   I've attached a couple of screenshots, showing the area I've clicked on and a screenshot from a help board that shows there should be information with a link to the number of participants. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong, can anyone help me please? 


Thank you



Try this:

  • Reports
  • Usage Reports
  • Active Hosts (Search by Date or Date Range)
  • This will list all meetings within that time period. Towards the right is a Participants Column with a number. If you click that number, it should list out the participants for the individual meeting. I believe these can also be exported to CSV to open in a spreadsheet. 

Additionally, you could go to the Dashboard and search on meetings and after selecting a meeting, see a list of participants as well as other information for the meeting. IP Address, user email, participant names, how they connected, meeting quality, etc..