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Accessing Zoom Meetings Through Facebook Portal Go Device


I cannot get Zoom to work correctly on this device.


I usually join Zoom meetings by clicking on the link sent by the host in the invitation email. This Facebook Portal Go device has my Zoom app on it, which was installed and set up on this device by me. 


When I click on a link sent by an organizer,  I do not get the usual dialog  (as I would on my laptop) which offers to open the zoom app, so I click on the link to use my browser instead. This sends me into the hosted meeting with no audio or video. If I click the icon to open sound, I get a prompt to to configure my browser first to allow it to open the microphone. Same with the video. I am asked to enable the camera through the browser. I cannot accomplish either using the rather primative browser available on the Portal Go device. 


Has anyone using the Portal Go device been able to successfully join a Zoom meeting using either the provided Zoom app or by using the native (there is no alternative) browswer on the Portal Go?


Thanks in advance.



Since I have the same problem, I am wondering if you ever got it going or got any explanation or reply.



Never got it to work on Zoom when clicking on a link. Worked ok in other applications like Facebook Messenger where several people were joining the converstation. Zoom was OK if I was hosting the meeting and others followed my link.